Who says Multitasking Doesn’t Work?

Great video! As a business owner, do you feel like this guy sometimes?

Here’s Mnozil with their rendition of Paul Anka’s Lonely Boy…

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3 Easy Ways to Business Success

Financial Peace UK

When you’re starting in business, or thinking about it, you might get stuck wondering where you are going to find customers. Making sure you grow your business and reaching the community is important, especially when you are new!

What holds most people back is they fear having to buy advertisements or that they have to beg their friends to buy or support their product. You probably even know a few people like this, shamelessly pushing their business on Facebook right now.

It doesn’t have to be like that! In fact building and creating a loyal customer base is simple. And it all starts with your relationships – not your product and not your advertising.

For years my business operated off personal referrals and testimonials. In fact, for the most part we still do!

Our sales teams wear t-shirts or badges that say stuff like, “Ask how I get paid.” And…

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Chinese Man Claims Google Maps Helped Him Find Home 20 Years After Abduction

CBS San Francisco

MOUNTAIN VIEW (CBS SF) – Chinese media reports claim that a 28-year-old man has found his way home some 23 years after his abduction, thanks in part to a search of Google Maps.

According to The Next Web, Luo Gang claims he was abducted on his way to kindergarten at age 5 and taken to a new home hundreds of miles away. There he grew up in a fairly normal family and went on to graduate school, always remembering his original home.

According to Luo’s account, he tried to keep memories of his home fresh in his head, and eventually could only recall a set of bridges. Last year, with some help from volunteers, he discovered that an abduction had taken place 23 years earlier in Sichuan Province. Lou said he then turned to the satellite feature on Google maps to see if he could recognize any of the features…

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