Great example of bartering!

Feisty Red Hair

Last winter, a woman showed up at my mom’s art gallery and wanted to buy a big, beautiful painting that was quite expensive. Instead of money, she proposed an alternative method of payment: bartering. In exchange for the painting that would decorate the woman’s elegant bed-and-breakfast in Prince Edward County, Ontario, my parents could have a three-day weekend retreat at the bed-and-breakfast. My mother happily accepted the offer — the woman was a friend of a friend, so she knew it was a legitimate offer and the B&B a beautiful spot — and a deal was made with no cash ever passing through their hands. Mom and Dad had a glorious vacation last spring that they still talk about.

I love the idea of bartering and think that using it as a way to exchange goods and services could benefit us greatly in our money-obsessed Western society. First of…

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