Image                                                                                                                                      (She wouldn’t trade ME for anything!!!)

The “Barter Kings” think they have something new and exciting.  Nope!!  I remember in my old Youth Ministry days we had some great times leading the kids through a “Bigger and Better Hunt”–where you start off with an egg, trade up until the group with the most expensive (large) item wins.  This can be hilarious.  One group came back with a hot water heater.  Another, a VW body!

How wonderful it would be, to trade our problems for something a little less trying.  Some would trade a messy relationship for an unpaid bill, a wayward child for a car problem, someone’s addiction for a toothache.  Maybe that’s why when we share our sorrows with others that suffer, we don’t feel so alone.

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Great information about taxes!

Holt Accounting & Tax Professionals, LLC

taxes made from money

Most types of income are taxable, but some are not. Income can include money, property or services you receive. Here are some examples of income that are usually not taxable:

  • Child support payments;
  • Gifts, bequests and inheritances;
  • Welfare benefits;
  • Damage awards for physical injury or sickness;
  • Cash rebates from a dealer or manufacturer for an item you buy; and
  • Reimbursements for qualified adoption expenses.

Some income is not taxable except under certain conditions. Examples include:

  • Life insurance proceeds paid to you because of an insured person’s death are usually not taxable. However, if you redeem a life insurance policy for cash, any amount that is more than the cost of the policy is taxable.
  • Income you get from a qualified scholarship is normally not taxable. Amounts you use for certain costs, such as tuition and required course books, are not taxable. However, amounts used for room and board are taxable.

All income, such…

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Interesting theory!


By Tim Jenkin

Imagine if money-as-we-know-it had never been invented. It seems like an impossible idea, but imagine if gold had been an extremely rare substance on earth and thus the idea of using it as an exchange medium had never caught on, and no other substance on earth had become the unquestioned medium that everyone would accept in exchange for the products of their labor. Perhaps people would have bartered things in the beginning and certain commodities would have become ‘money’ in the sense that most people would accept them in exchange even if they had no direct use for them. But as trade expanded and commerce became more complex, instead of there developing a universally acceptable exchange commodity such as gold, people just granted each other credit and kept a record of it. In other words, instead of swapping commodities to get what they wanted, people just kept…

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Great example of bartering!

Feisty Red Hair

Last winter, a woman showed up at my mom’s art gallery and wanted to buy a big, beautiful painting that was quite expensive. Instead of money, she proposed an alternative method of payment: bartering. In exchange for the painting that would decorate the woman’s elegant bed-and-breakfast in Prince Edward County, Ontario, my parents could have a three-day weekend retreat at the bed-and-breakfast. My mother happily accepted the offer — the woman was a friend of a friend, so she knew it was a legitimate offer and the B&B a beautiful spot — and a deal was made with no cash ever passing through their hands. Mom and Dad had a glorious vacation last spring that they still talk about.

I love the idea of bartering and think that using it as a way to exchange goods and services could benefit us greatly in our money-obsessed Western society. First of…

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