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The long lost art of bartering has left our society. Today’s economy is a price fixed environment, you pay what the company says it is worth not what an item is actually worth. Selling uses to be a career where you had to work hard to make a sell, in today’s fast paced consumer world, a sells man just simply allows you to pay what he wants you to pay now. In olden times, merchants didn’t just take money for goods or services. Most merchants used to take items as trade. Most merchants would barter for what they needed for a what they had plenty of. This concept may sound a little barbaric to most modern merchants or business people, however it was a very common practice about 60 years ago. Barely 2 generations ago people would barter with merchants or each other for goods and services. It is uncommon…

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The Future of Online Bartering



A barter exchange system is one where goods and/or services are directly exchanged without money. For example, trading chickens for a newspaper subscription or offering free baking in exchange for manicures. Bartering predates currency and is still common in developing countries and still present on a small-scale in developed nations.  Contrary to popular belief there is no record at any point in history of a society that exchanged solely through the barter system.  This could be due to some of the problems with a barter system:

  • Mutual Coincidence of Demand:  People with complimentary goods or services need to be able to find one another and discover that they both need what the other possesses. 
  • Variations in Value:  In a barter economy, there is no concrete value attached to goods or services- this makes their value unpredictable and subjective.
  • Indivisibility of Goods:  Some goods and services cannot be divided…

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