The Great Christmas Tree Barter

Tonight we are going to get our Christmas tree.

Like hundreds of other Americans we will head to the local Christmas tree lot, browse around for OUR perfect tree, negotiate the price, flop it on top of the car and attempt to tie it down just enough so that we spend the whole drive home wondering if it’ll stay in place.

While entrepreneurship has taught me thousands of lessons, trading specifically has taught me more about supply and demand, economics and the value of exchange than I ever thought possible. One particularly influential experience took place on a Christmas tree lot.

It was Christmas Eve and we were making our way back to our home. As we passed by the local Christmas tree lot I noticed that it was still packed. Not full of people mind you, it was packed full of Christmas trees. On Christmas Eve! I shook my…

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6 tips on how to weather a financial apocalypse.

Even though this is an older article, we think that number 4 is a great idea! Check it out.

Rivers of Hope

Worried about doomsday scenarios? Experts say preparing begins with getting finances in order

The Mayan calendar is supposed to end next week and that has led some to believe we’re on a countdown to a global apocalypse.

One gambling website,, puts the odds of the world ending on Dec. 21 at 300 million to 1. But that’s not keeping some believers from stockpiling food and preparing to flee urban areas.

Whether you fall into that camp or are decidedly more skeptical, being prepared to ride out everything from a worldwide cataclysm to the aftermath of a hurricane begins with getting one’s finances in order.

“Before the disaster strikes is the time to start getting prepared, in terms of financially getting yourself out of debt and establishing some savings and supplies,” says Arthur Bradley, a NASA engineer and author of the “Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family.”

But clearing…

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