How did “All Business Barter” come about?

All Business Barter is the result of a ten year study and application of barter and marketing principles. It has been designed to incorporate the beauty and simplicity of a community currency, with the power and marketing of a barter exchange. All Business Barter was created to fill a number of specific niches: financing for deserving businesses, liquidity for community members with talents and services to offer, an alternative method of payment to keep the American dollars in your pocket, and to powerfully leverage the product sitting on your shelves, the hours of empty appointments, or your ability to take on more business for the things that you want and need.

Built by long-term industry professionals, All Business Barter has a strategic vision that will create a strongly valued currency, a large diversity of members and products/services offered, and manageable expansion based on market demand and ability to provide only excellent service.

Our staff has been trained in the most advanced techniques for assisting our members in getting what they want, and getting things they didn’t know that they want that will make a huge difference for them in their business and their life. They are instructed to suggest items to their members on a regular basis in an attempt to expand their minds and open new horizons for them.

We encourage you to get to know your trade director. They are sources of knowledge and can help you use your All Business Barter dollars for their highest purpose: the building up of your business and your life.

If you are interested in the barter industry and would like to discuss the opportunity that a career in the barter industry can provide, feel free to call our office line and speak to one of our managers. We are always looking for motivated, bright individuals who want to make a difference in their community.


Why Doesn’t America Just Use The Barter System Again?

Great article about bartering! Check it out!


I was recently browsing the web and came across a discussion about America going back to the barter system. The author of the discussion ranted, “let’s get rid of big evil business, money, oil, and go back to horse and buggy and the barter system !” This actually sounds like a decent idea at first. Many Americans long for a more simple government and financial system. Big business is public enemy number one to the common blue collar worker. But would reverting to the barter system actually do anything to address America’s ongoing problems?

A barter system is characterized by the trading of goods between two separate entities. I trade you some berries for a shell necklace. This seems like a fair and efficient method of payment, until you examine the situation more closely. There are a variety of problems that make the barter system archaic and inefficient.

One of…

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Barter Anyone?

A great example of a successful barter!

SEEing Miracles

I was looking at my carpets last week and realizing that I had been putting them off way, way, way too long.  It is just so much work to clean everything myself, and so expensive to have someone else do it.  I have been “saving up” to rent a cleaner for a while now, and there just seem to be so many other priorities.  I decided to finally just do something about it.  My thought was to look online to see if someone was selling a good quality cleaner for the same price of renting so I didn’t have to do a 6-8 hour marathon shampoo without break so I could get the machine returned on time.  If that failed, I’d try to find some neighbors to go in together.

I checked online, and while I didn’t find a machine for the price I liked, I did find someone local…

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