Bacon Barter

The Bacon Barter is a great example of bartering!! A guy is driving from New York to California with no cash or cards. He has to barter anything he needs with bacon. He has a trailer full of bacon. 

As far as we can tell, this is being done for a couple of reasons. First off, its for advertising. This has got alot of attention. Almost 4,000 followers on Twitter, and the Facebook page is the Oscar Mayer page that has over 736,000 likes. We are sure that the Bacon Barter has helped that number also. The other reason was listed on the Bacon Barter website. It is to see how much Americans love bacon. 

The guy has made it to California. So it sounds like a success! It did prove how much Americans love bacon. He Bartered a total of 2,168 bricks of bacon. He has 250 bricks left. That includes bartering 300 bricks to Cedar city, Utah. It was in exchange for the city changing its name to Sizzle city, Utah for the day. 

On a side note. Here at All Business barter, we like the idea of this. It goes beyond the reasons that it was done. We like this idea because it goes to prove that bartering is a very powerful tool. There is no limits to what you can do with bartering. 


Bartering ideas…

This is a great article about bartering. It gives ideas about what you can barter for. There are a lot of great ideas. Check it out!


Bartering Idea’s From Social Networking

by Kris Kelley 
(Las Vegas)


Here’s a compiled list of what fellow massage therapists barter their massage skills for.


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I have bartered massage (of course), photography of a Hot Stone Massage to decorate my office, hair, manicures and pedicures, and anything and everything to know about being an entrepreneur.. that one is definately hepling!

I have a senior in HS this year and I’ve traded for school pictures, tux for orchestra, violin lessons,and year book. I’ve also traded for dance lessons for my 5 year old.

My practice is only 8 months old, but when I rented my office space, my treatment room needed doors hung to separate it from my waiting room, so I traded services with a carpenter, helped out a lot!

I trade services for laser hair removal, massages.

Taxes, massage, rent, firewood, website, food, decorations, clothing, traded hypnosis session for car repair, traded life coaching session for homemade christmas candy…. mmmmm yum!

I barter for personal training services!

I’m getting a photographer for our wedding.

I have a client who is a concrete man. He’ll also do landscaping. We are constantly bartering. 

I got one of my tattoos done completely on trade, and many massages… looks like I should be bartering more often! 

I bartered for my First massage table in 94’…still have it and it’s still like new! I’ve bartered for everyting!!! food, car fixing, a motorcycle etc. etc.

Massage, Healing Touch, Website, Office Help and Landscaping…it’s a good thing!

I work at a salon and get my hair, nails and facials for massages. 

I have bartered golf lessons, acupuncture, facials, laser hair removal, legal fees, and IT Services for my computer……..I know I will remember more! 

wow, a motorcycle, now why didn’t I think of that? limo and other services, check but wow vehicles! thanks!

Got my all my wisdom teeth extracted (which took care of headaches I’d been suffering with)… worked on the dentist and his wife until my “debt” was paid. Being self-employed, I didn’t have health insurance so it was a great blessing for me.

I have traded for massage, other healing modalities, hair, nails, personal training, professional family photos -hence my profile picture- and the list gose on and on! I love trade!

I have bartered from time 2 time but, people still want $$ 2.

I barter whenever I can but not a lot, because I do mostly on site massage. I tried joining a bartering group but it didn’t work, the fees didn’t make it worth it in the end. I just got some work on my truck done for free other than the parts. 

I have bartered for beef and pork and massages.

I do barter for massages frequently, and I will barter for self defense lessons soon too! Very excited about the opportunity!

Clothiing, art, medicine, farm fresh food, dental hygeine…

Yeah, it seems like I am going to have to start doing this b/c I can think of a few things that would come in handy right about now. Thanks

I have bartered for computer work, martial arts lessons, and a really cool oil painting for my office!

I trade for chiropractic, gym membership, about to trade for housecleaning. 

I was able to work off a piano for my mother. Trade went really well with clear boundaries and a written contract. 

I got my taxes done last year for a massage.

I have an entire leg tattooed from a barter! And tree trimming service turned into one of my best clients/friends. Mechanic services, contract law, tamales, wood floor, tile work. Hmm, I barter a lot!

I don’t barter. I pay cash for services and I expect people to pay me for my services. Keeps it neat and clean

I trade for massage, hair services, mani/pedi,and for a handmade quilt!

The best barder for me has been daycare. Once a week and I have not had to pay for daycare in a year! I have bardered for haircuts & color, special items that my kids have wanted…you name it, it’s not a bad way to go.

I also trade out massage for massage with another therapist.

I bartered for STYX tickets with the bass player Ricky Phillips. It was a great concert and he has not had a lot of time to get his session. Now that the tour is over it will happen. Be careful about bragging too much about bartering, IRS does consider bartering taxable income…

I traded for carpeting, website, logo and business card design, acupuncture, personal training…. love it!

Wow, I can’t even name one that sticks out because being neighborly or having the Aloha Spirit means it is all valuable in the same way. The easiest I can thing of is being bought lunch if I massaged their hands, extensors, flexors and shoulders. Computer geeks help each other out all the time. Lol.

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I bartered services for a personal trainer.

Someone said taxes, how the heck can you barter taxes? Or do you mean traded with some one to do your taxes? 

Trips, Botox, football tickets, dinners…etc the power of the rub!

Will work for food.

My favorite barter right now is my laundry service, picked up and delivered at my office!

well, of course for massage!

Wow –I’ve never bartered. I’ve been an LMT for 8 years and never done it . I thought there was something you had to do tax-wise if you barter so I just keep it even/clean ….pay for others services and they pay for mine. 

Hair, facials, restaurant dinners, carpet, basketball tix, AC repair, catering, chiropractic, massage

I met my husband 13 years ago and have been married for 12 years and from day 1 till earlier this morning I do not have to barter for a massage thats 1 reason why I married him .

I trade for fresh flowers every week for my studio and home.

I barter for plumbing, nails, massage, Skin care products, ac service/repair, house cleaning, pest control, remodeling services, personal training sessions, web site, marketing services, hair cutting/styling, and also give massages as gifts for family and friends.

Great article

Here is a great article. Please read it when you have time:

Whether you are starting or growing a small business bartering can aid in preserving cash to help get your venture launched or expand. Bartering is a must have success tactic for operating your small business.

Bartering can be defined as the exchange of goods or services for other goods or services. It is a transaction where no money changes hands. Bartering is estimated to exchange 8.25 billion a year in trade for 2004, according to the International Reciprocal Trade Association.

Advantages of Small Business Bartering

Free Excess Inventory or Capacity. If your business has built up idle capacity or has a large inventory, then bartering offers a means to move goods and improve your operations. Bartering has been a huge boost to companies during recessions to help move excess inventory and goods. If you have aging inventory or an outdated asset, then bartering can make sense for your business.

Help Cycles of Seasonality. Any business struggling with the ebb and flow of having a seasonal business can use barter exchange of goods and services during a slow period.

Preserve Capital. Many small businesses at certain periods during their business lifecycle will have periods of slower cash flow or limited capital. Start-ups and expansion companies with limited money for growth can use bartering as a strategic tool to acquire needed services.

Buy Media Bartering may be the simple reason your competitors are buying more advertising than you and outselling your small business. By turning your excess inventory or services into print, TV, or other forms of media, your company can maximize marketing and improve its bottom line.

5 Things You Need To Know About Business Barter

1. Money Pit: Beware of troubled companies on a quick downward spiral to bankruptcy. If your barter partner is in financial trouble and seeks bankruptcy, you may never receive your share of the barter agreement.

2. Time and Money Equivalent: Attach a time or money value to the barter. For a win-win situation to exist in a barter agreement both parties involved need to sit down and compare the exchange of goods and services in a quantitative fashion.

3. Tax Issues: Bartering does not offer a tax loophole to avoid taxation. According to the IRS tax website, “Income from bartering is taxable in the year in which you receive the goods or services. Generally, you report this income on Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business Form 1040.”

4. Business Barter Relationship: Any barter relation should be examined against the value added to your small business. A barter of 200 lbs of animal feed is going to be useless to a management consulting firm; but 3 months of free magazine advertising can greatly improve cash flow and aid your profits. If your services are not in high demand by your barter target, consider a barter exchange group.

5. Barter Exchanges: Hundreds of barter exchange groups operate in America, offering an efficient channel to barter for small business. Barter exchanges allow companies to have access to more goods and services in a quicker fashion. For instance, a graphic design firm may exchange its services with a pet food company for trade credits. The pet food company in turn can exchange its trade credits for another member`s service, such as tax preparation.

Barter exchange groups are often profit driven associations, so compare groups to examine benefits, membership costs, and obtain member references. Make sure you complete due diligence and contact organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

Is bartering for your small business? As expressed in “What They Still Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School,” business guru Mark H. McCormack says, “I am convinced that most companies don’t maximize their barter possibilities. Instead of aggressively reducing costs by trading their services with those of their suppliers, they seem content to pay top dollar for everything.”

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